If you’re looking to have the interior of your home or business painted, we’re here to get the job done.

With our experienced and knowledgeable team, let us help you make your dream home a reality. From walls and ceilings, to moldings and doors, we’ve got you covered. No job is too big or too small.

We believe in proper surface preparation. Often neglected, it is key to a long-lasting job. We take the time to ensure that all surfaces are properly prepped before the job begins.

  • Thorough Surface Preparation
  • Painting of Walls, Ceilings, Stairs, Doors, Moldings, Trim, etc…
  • Plastering and Crack Repair
  • Caulking and Spackling
  • Regular and Stain Killing Primers
  • Low VOC Paints
  • Faux Fini and Decorative Painting
  • Wood Staining and Varnishing
  • Spray Painting of Ceilings, Walls and Closets
  • Crown and Trim Molding Installation
  • Minor Carpentry and Wood Restoration
  • Wallpapering and Removal
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