The exterior of your home or business is just as important as the interior.

It’s the face of your house; the first impression. Not only that, it has to withstand all that nature throws at it. With a high-quality paint job, you can be sure that your home won’t only look beautiful, but be protected as well.

    • Thorough Surface Preparation
    • Wood Repairs and Restoration
    • Installation of Flexible Elastomeric Caulking
    • Spray Painting of Many Surfaces (Including, but not limited to: vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood)
    • Recoating of Weathered Aluminum Siding
    • Preparation and Painting of Siding, Trim and Windows
    • Staining and Sealing of Decks, Fences and Siding

Restore your existing siding

UV rays cause deterioration of siding paint. The paint oxidizes and goes dull and powdery. These old and tired-looking finishes can easily be brought back to life. Pressure cleaning or a spray application with a factory finish coating will make the siding look like new and the cost is 40% of replacement. Have a spray application with unlimited colour selection. It’s guaranteed 12 years against peeling and blistering.

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